Three Awesome Tricks to Clear Your Clogged Sink Drain, Before Calling A Plumber

Having a clogged sink drain can be one of the most frustrating experiences, especially for someone who cooks, cleans, and does a lot of work in their home. Before calling an experienced drain contractor you’ll want to make sure you try to unclog your drain by yourself. The sad truth is that eventually all sink drains will become clogged. Some will simply clog a lot faster than others and may require special attention on a more regular basis. However, when your kitchen sink drain clogs there is more you can do than simply calling up a plumber, you can take matters into your own hands with these three awesome tricks.

Prevention Is Worth an Ounce of Unclogged Drain

Before we dig into how to unclog your drain it’s worth mentioning how to avoid this problem in the first place. Often people see their sink drain as an empty abyss, everything they put down there disappears never to be seen again, right? So people end up using their sink drain as a garbage for all the little tiny bits of food that might end up in their sink, or on their counter tops. The problem with this is that all those tiny bits of food are likely to end up stuck within the drain at some point. This problem is made even worse whenever grease or oil is poured down the drain. The oil coats the interior surface of the pipes and congeals into a sticky paste, this sticky substance than becomes a perfect place for food bits to lodge. Add a few years to this process and eventually we have a clogged drain (or a drain suffering from low flow).

1. Water & Hot Water

The simplest technique to try is to water down your drain. First, put the stopper in your sink (if you have a double-basin sink, put stoppers in both drains) and fill your entire sink up with hot water. You’ll want to make sure that it is not too hot that you would burn yourself because once you’ve filled it up all the way you need to remove the stoppers. Sink filled up entirely? Good, now remove the stoppers. The force of both sinks filled with water forcing it’s way down through the drain can sometimes be enough to block some stubborn clogs.

If that doesn’t work you can move onto to pouring boiling water down your drain, sometimes this boiling water will dislodge old grease breaking-up stubborn clogs in the process. Remember, boiling water can cause serious burns so be careful!

2. Use Your Plunger

Most people don’t consider the plunger as an item they’d ever want to see sitting around in the kitchen (or any other room where food is prepared), but the trusty plunger can be one of the most effective ways to clear your clogged sink drain. Most everyone has a flange plunger sitting in their storage or bathroom somewhere, it’s time to get that plunger out and put it to work.

If you can bend the floppy flange part back inside of the plunger, do so – it will make your job easier. Next, if your sink is a double-basin sink you will want to figure out which drain is directly above the trap, look under your sink to figure this out. Now, clog the drain of the opposite sink with the stopper, or if you’ve lost it like 80% of people, stuff a rag into the drain. It is time to start plunging now, make sure you put some muscle into the process and eventually you’ll get that sucker unclogged.

If for some reason, plunging fails to clear your blocked drain, it’s time to get serious.

3. Zip-It Clean

There is a fantastic product you can buy from just about every hardware store called the Zip-It. This product does a seriously awesome job at clearing the majority of stubborn clogs. It is a simple strip of plastic, a couple of feet in length (long enough to get into most drains) with a handle on one end, and barbs running down its length. It is incredibly easy to use as well, you may want to skip the plunger and try this product out first. Simply insert it into your drain and use those barbs to pull out whatever may be clogging it below.

If these three awesome tricks don’t solve you clogged sink drain problems it’s a good idea to get on the phone and call up a pro that has the technical prowess to solve your problems once and for all.

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