Business Signs That Deliver Results


Most businesses require some way of advertising to the people who are walking past on the street. Traditionally, this is a job for signs. Whether it is a store sign or a lonely chalkboard sign, signage provides a fantastic, effective way to help customers find your business as well as promote walk in traffic. When compared with various forms of advertising, custom painted signs are an extremely effective method of promotion. This is even more so the case when you have nearby competitors are in a normally difficult to locate spot, even being two stores up from a busy intersection can place you in a virtual business black-hole. Having a effective, eye-catching signage that compliments your business and building can make a world of difference.

Types of Custom Signage

There are quite a number of business signs to customize, ranging from the simple store sign to sidewalk signs. Each has a specific application depending on your specific industry and method of promotion. All of these signs can be hand-painted to exacting specification using a variety of paints that provide long-term durable finishes.

Storefront Signage

Storefront signs are incredibly important to allow people to easily identify your business from afar. This is especially critical for stores that may be in difficult to spot locations and/or expect many people to be traveling from far away to visit your store. You will want to make it easy for people to spot and find your business from the main roadway that people will use to find your store. An effective store sign will also compliment the architecture of the building, adding or contrasting to the overall look.

Sidewalk Signs

A custom painted sidewalk sign can be a real eye-catching promotional tool. One awesome advantage of a custom sidewalk sign is that it can be any shape or size, it need not be a simple rectangle sandwich board sign. This is one place where creativity has an opportunity to really shine, in both the design and custom painting of the sign. Done properly a custom sidewalk sign can be an extremely effective way to draw passersby into a store.

Open Sign

Many people overlook the simple open sign. It is an essential sign for a business to have but many businesses simply pick something up from the local office supply store and be done with it. Those that are savvy to branding and want to have a personal edge will have a custom open sign painted. This allows them to express their unique character and store branding while improving their customers overall experience. A custom open sign may be a small detail but should not be overlooked in when consider essential business signs.

Vehicle Signage

For businesses that have a delivery vehicle or service vehicle it is a really great idea to add a custom sign to the exterior. This will add a professional touch to your business while also serving as a form of advertising for those that see your vehicle. Even if you simply drive a van to work and use it to pick up supplies for your business, it is still a good idea to add a vehicle sign.

Custom, Hand-Painted Business Signage

Many people may simply head out to their local office supply depot and pick generic signage for all sorts of options. The problem with this is that they aren’t adding anything to their business, simply providing information on generic, boring signage. There are many ways to market your small business and custom hand-painted signs add to a business’s character; creating a memorable experience that promotes the brand image resulting in improved customer retention and customer interest that in turn leads to word of mouth promotion. It’s always a good idea to keep the big picture in mind, even when considering simple business signs.